Do you Really Need a Personal Trainer?
March 31, 2014
By Marita Tillerás
Do you Really Need a Personal Trainer?
Personal Training. Expensive, painful and only for extremely fit people, you might think.

Or you might think that you know enough, so Personal Training will not get you anywhere or have an effect on you.

The myths of Personal Training are many, but so are the benefits. Anyone who has ever tried a Personal Training session will know how efficient that session turned out to be, compared to what a workout on their own normally is.

Research from The New Zealand Register of Exercise Professionals (REPs) shows that "working with a personal trainer will make you fitter, stronger and increase your lean body mass more effectively than working out in an exercise facility or club on your own".

Even Personal Trainers Use Personal Trainers

People are often surprised that even though I am a Personal Trainer, I do, in fact, also have my own Personal Trainer. It should, however, not come as a surprise – why would I perform a job and sell this service to my clients, if I did not believe in the benefits of investing the time and money in it?

I know how much harder my clients push when they work with me, and I know very well how hard I work when someone else is pushing me to my limits.

The trick is to find a Personal Trainer that suits your needs. Every Personal Trainer will not be a specialist at what you need help with, and the personality of every Personal Trainer might not match with yours. It is important to get along well if you are going to spend blocks of your time every week with that person.

Personal Trainers Work on Mental as well as Physical Fitness

A good Personal Trainer will offer you more than just a gym session, he/she will offer you lifestyle coaching, time management and support, and of course help when the mental challenges become tough. You will also find new motivation from a completely different perspective.

Not all days in the gym are easy, not all days outside the gym are easy, and sometimes you need that extra push from that extra person. Letting a Personal Trainer be in charge of your measurements, when you need to step on the scales, what you should eat and what you should stay away from can be a relief. He/she will know what it takes to get the results that you want, and he/she will also know how to help you steer clear of the many pitfalls in the health and fitness world.

On top of all this, an educated and registered Personal Trainer will be able to tailor the exercises to your individual needs and fitness levels, based on your injury and health history, ensuring that you exercise safely and efficiently.

Give Personal Training a try, I am sure I speak for more people than myself when I say that you will not regret it.

Marita Tilleras is a Norwegian third year media student at La Trobe University, a personal trainer at Goodlife Preston and a passionate health blogger. She is a health and fitness fanatic, and can be found in the gym most days, unless it is beach weather. You can read Marita's blog at and contact her at
"Anyone who has ever tried a Personal Training session will know how efficient that session turned out to be."