Pharmaoil's Deodorant for Women
A Sensual Blend of All Natural Ingredients
June 25, 2013
By Sarah Schwager
Pharmaoil's Deodorant for Women
Since discovering that antiperspirants contain aluminium and that commercial deodorants contain a host of other nasties, such as parabens, I've tried numerous natural deodorants to help curb body odour!

From homemade deodorants to deodorants bought at health food stores and markets, including sprays, roll-ons and mineral deodorants, I've never quite found one that works for long enough to be a keeper. Until I came across this natural deodorant for women by Pharmaoil.

Pharmaoil's deodorant for women has a really pleasant smell – like you'd imagine the lovechild of vanilla and roses would smell, or perhaps of strawberries and cream. But best of all it actually works! Other deodorants I've tried only seem to work for so long until the effects eventually wear off.

Pharmaoil's Deodorant for Women is All Natural and Smells Nice Too

Because deodorants only mask body odour rather than prevent you from sweating, it is possible that the deodorant will eventually be sweated out. But in terms of deodorants that I've tried, this is definitely the longest lasting and nicest smelling.

Stopping you from sweating is what antiperspirants are for, but as well as leach aluminium and other toxins into your body, antiperspirants also prevent toxins from being sweated out of your body. Sweating is incredibly important for your health and this is why I never use antiperspirants anymore.

So if you are going to make the shift to a natural deodorant, try Pharmaoil's deodorant for women. The deodorant is made up of all natural ingredients, including witch hazel extract, rose, roman chamomile, neroli, geranium waters and zinc oxide, and is completely aluminium and paraben free. It only contains all natural ingredients. It is gentle so can even be used after shaving.

What's the Cost?

Normally $14.95, you can now buy Pharmaoil's deodorant for women online for $7.48 but for a limited time only. Pharmaoil is offering 50% off soaps, deodorants and some of their other products until June 30th.

Designed by a skin doctor who had treated all sorts of skin conditions, Pharmaoil offers people a holistic approach in order to improve their skin health. Check out the full range of natural skincare products sold online at Pharmaoil's website.
"Pharmaoil's deodorant for women smells like the lovechild of vanilla and roses, or strawberries and cream"
Pharmaoil's range of all natural skincare products