Ace Bio Mineral Pot
Water Filter Jug that Removes Fluoride
September 30, 2013
By Sarah Schwager
Ace Bio Mineral Pot
Australia's drinking water is among the most heavily fluoridated in the world. Despite being widely acclaimed as having the best drinking water around, for those people wanting to avoid artificial fluoride in their drinking water, the options are few and far between.

So when I discovered this alkaline water filter jug, also known as the Ace Bio Mineral Pot, I was over the moon. We have always used a basic water filter jug, such as the Brita water filter, which is great for removing chlorine and other impurities but does not remove fluoride.

Most water filter systems in Australia that remove fluoride are either incredibly expensive or inconvenient. This is not the case with Waters Co Australia's Ace Bio Mineral Pot. The jug is easy to use, portable, and not at all expensive compared to other fluoride removing water filters.

The Ace Bio Mineral Pot is Convenient and Effective

While Waters Co Australia makes a number of alkaline filter systems that remove fluoride, from 600mL water pots to large ceramic pots and water coolers, the Ace Bio Mineral Pot is the most convenient and user-friendly, holding 1.5L of water.

More importantly, it's effective! The water tastes great and for once my family and I no longer have to be concerned about fluoride in our drinking water. Artificial fluoride in drinking water is associated with a host of serious health problems. For more information on fluoride, read this article: The Lowdown on Fluoride in Drinking Water in Australia.

You realise just how great the water is from the Ace Bio Mineral Pot when you go back to normal filtered water or (shock, horror) tap water!

The Ace Bio Mineral Pot Removes Impurities and Activates the Water

As well as fluoride, the alkaline water filtering systems by Water Co Australia remove sediments, rusts, dregs, heavy metals, nitrate nitrogen, chlorine, THMs, organic chemicals, pigments, unpleasant odours, colour, bad, taste, bacteria, E.Coli and other harmful substances. The water filters also then activate the water by adding calcium, magnesium, 40 kinds of minerals, antibacterial potency, alkali, energy, and magnetised water, to name just a few.

While there are a lot of steps involved in setting up your Ace Bio Mineral Pot – there are two separate filtering systems and at least 10 components – it is well worth it! And after that initial set up, the upper filter only needs to be changed every 6 months and there are 4 in the pack. The main filter lasts 2 years!

What's the Cost?

The Ace Bio Mineral Pot – a 1.5L Alkaline Water Filter – retails at $179 and includes 2 years' worth of filters. Your next 2 year replacement filter set costs $130. You can purchase the water filter online here.

Other water filter systems available at Waters Co Australia include the Waterman 600ml Portable Filter, Alkaliser & Ioniser, a range of domestic and commercial water filters, as well as shower filters.
"The Ace Bio Mineral Pot removes fluoride and heavy metals while re-mineralising and alkalising your water at the same time."