Musq Cosmetics Mineral Foundation
Toxin Free and Rich in Minerals
September 30, 2013
By Sarah Schwager
Musq Mineral Cosmetics
After discovering some time ago that makeup is full of parabens and up to 900 other toxic chemicals, as we discussed in this article, Ingredients in Cosmetics That You Should Avoid, I decided I would swear off makeup such as foundation and eye shadow altogether.

Recently, however, I discovered this wonder of the natural and organic cosmetics world, mineral makeup, and decided to give it a go. I always hated the way foundation felt on my face, always leaving an oily film or leaving my skin dry and flaky, often leading to a breakout of pimples.

Musq Cosmetics' products don't include any of the nasty chemicals associated with most brands of makeup and are also enriched with minerals such as zinc oxide (a natural sunscreen), mica, titanium dioxide, iron oxides and ultramarines. The non-mineral ingredients in Musq's cosmetics are all certified organic, vegan and certified cruelty free.

These mineral cosmetics are anti-allergy and anti-inflammatory so they shouldn't irritate sensitive skin. Also, unlike most foundations, they don't contain chemicals that block pores so they allow your skin to breathe. But would it look the same as conventional foundation?

Musq's Crème and Powder Foundations Feel and Look Great

I tried Musq Cosmetics' Crème Mineral Foundation and Powder Mineral Foundation. The applicators are just like your conventional cosmetics (they even come with a cute little mirror), are easy to apply, come in a range of skin colours, and cover blemishes without being overly noticeable. The foundation really is absorbed into your skin and so looks much more natural.

Better still, Musq's foundations don't leave you with that icky feeling of being coated with liquid or powder gunk. And best of all, as they don't clog the pores, they didn't lead to a breakout!

While we would still recommend not using makeup at all if you want to avoid the toxic chemicals in cosmetics, if you do like wearing makeup or need to wear makeup for your job, then try the mineral-rich, organic and animal-friendly cosmetics by Musq Cosmetics. You won't regret it!

What's the Cost?

Musq's Crème Mineral Foundation comes in a 15g airtight twist-lock compact with a mirror and sponge and is available to purchase online for $62. This foundation easily spreads on and doesn't need to be constantly reapplied so it lasts for ages! Likewise, Musq's Powder Mineral Foundation comes in an 8g jar and costs $70.

Musq also sells a range of other cosmetics, including mineral eyeshadow, bronzer, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and a range of skincare products. For more information, check out Musq Cosmetics' website.
"Musq Cosmetics' products don't include any of the nasty chemicals associated with most brands of makeup and are also enriched with minerals."