ANSC Soaps
Natural Soaps Without the Hidden Chemicals
March 31, 2014
By Sarah Schwager
The Australian Natural Soap Company Shea Butter soap
The Australian Natural Soap Company's rustic soaps more closely resemble slabs of cheese or chocolate than something you put on your body. Which is probably why people occasionally try to eat their samples!

This is soap as it was supposed to be. The Australian Natural Soap Company is your modern day soap deli where 100g blocks are cut off huge slabs of soap.

But what's best of all is the soap is totally natural. All of the soaps are free from harmful chemicals, don't contain any palm oil, are cruelty free and vegan. What's more, the packaging used at the Australian Natural Soap Company is also environmentally friendly.

ANSC Soaps Contain Only Natural Plant Oils

The brainchilds of the Australian Natural Soap Company, Anthony Scherz and Emma Cook, like most people of their generation, have been brought up with the idea that soap is bad for you.

Their soaps, on the other hand, are much more moisturising and nourishing than most brands of body wash and liquid soaps, which often contain a host of harmful chemicals.

They contain only natural plant oils such as macadamia oil and avocado oil, rather than vegetable oils, as well as essential oils, and so don't dry out your skin like common soap.

They also smell amazing and come in a variety of flavours which range from white chocolate, peppermint and pumice, and chai, to zesty lemongrass, luscious lavender, and avocado and macadamia. They have exfoliating soaps such as their coffee soap with real coffee granules and seaweed soap with real seaweed, and special shampoo soaps that can be used as a natural alternative to your chemical ridden shampoos.

The Australian Natural Soap Company is also committed to sustainability. Its soaps are biodegradable, the packaging is recycled and uses renewable paper and their soap holders are even made out of reclaimed wood.

Natural Soaps that Moisturise and Exfoliate your Skin

I tried the coffee soap, the lemon and lime soap, the seaweed soap and the shampoo soap over a period of months.

The soaps were incredibly moisturising, they didn't leave my skin dry or itchy, which often happens due to problems with eczema and dermatitis. I particularly liked the exfoliating soaps with real coffee granules and seaweed! A beautiful touch.

The rustic nature of the soaps was also very appealing to my partner, which was great to see as skincare is not generally on the daily routine of most men that I know.

In fact, I loved the soaps so much I went back and bought a few gift packs for some friends and family. They make a great gift if you're running short of ideas.

Because the Australian Natural Soap Company focuses on soap, they really do have a soap for everyone. Their staples are always available until they run out and then they have limited editions that appear every week, such as Chapel Chic and Fitzroy Flavour.

There are soaps for sensitive skin, and soaps that are safe for people with allergies and skin conditions. Just ask their expert staff for advice and they'll find a soap that's right for you!

What's the cost?

The prices of the soaps range from $3.95 to $8.95 each for a 100g block. Gift packs start from around $14.

You can purchase the Australian Natural Soap Company's soaps and gift packs online or visit them in person at one of their market stalls around Melbourne. They currently attend the South Melbourne Market, Prahran Market, Blender Lane Artists' Market, Hanging Rock Market, and Rose Street Artists' Market in Fitzroy.

For more information about the Australian Natural Soap Company and to see where they'll be visiting next, check out their website or for more up-to-date information see their Facebook page.
"All of the soaps are free from harmful chemicals, don't contain any palm oil, are cruelty free and vegan."
The Australian Natural Soap Company Marble soap